Top 5 Resources for Affiliate Marketing and Referral Content + Related Content

Marketers know that personalized content is key to successfully sending the right message to the right customers at the right time. But who actually has time to create a treasure trove of custom content? Publishers are on the opposite side of the puzzle: they’ve got a treasure trove of great content, but do not always … Continue reading Top 5 Resources for Affiliate Marketing and Referral Content + Related Content


Crucial Reasons Why You Must Select Paid Search as a Major Player in Your Inbound Marketing Efforts

Inbound marketing has grown in strength and vitality up to a level that we just cannot underestimate its significance. Customers are getting smarter by the hour and they want to evaluate all aspects of a product from its quality, to price comparisons with similar products, to ensure that their selection is correct. Reading reviews, researching on the product and going through customer feedback on social media networking sites are common, everyday habits of a consumer nowadays. Therefore,


Before you spend quarter of a million dollars on CRO

If you are new to online business and the concept of conversion rate optimization, you will soon find yourself paying an average of $100k hiring online companies to ensure that you start making online sales. CRO- Conversion Rate Optimization can be easily explained as a collection of techniques that can help a business to convert its online users into paying customers.

Advertising with Facebook

Why Facebook is an Awesome Medium of Advertising, Part I

Advertising a business is not an easy task; marketers need to know the right tactics to implement, the right places to execute those tactics and the right time to make all of this happen. Real marketing only happens with all of these factors perfectly aligned in a cohesive marketing strategy.

Paid Search Advertising

How does Paid Search Advertising Work?

Customers are using internet every single day to read reviews and find information on different products to ultimately make buying decisions. Therefore, it is more important for businesses now, to be found on the internet by their target audience.

Best Online Tools For Social Media Management

The importance of social media in modern online advertising just cannot be ignored. Numerous businesses use multiple social media channels to generate fresh leads and traffic, and therefore; it is important for social media managers to know about all the important social media management tools to create superb online presence on all major networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook.